And finally, I have to say that shooting most high pressure 357 round will leave your hand sore. Colt. It is outstanding. After reading the article, these improvements were needed. I saw a few videos where the gun didn’t fire the cartridge- LMAO. The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. Most are not dangerous unless you invade their space. Thank you Colt. The original solid barrel design was tweaked before the final variant. Dot Torture was fired from a DeSantis Speed Scabbard using a L-Frame SL Variant speedloader carried in a Jox Loader Pouch. I told you guys I would fire two iterations of Dot Torture – one within the first 100 rounds of testing, and the other within the last 100 rounds – when reviewing any revolver intended or suitable for defensive use. I own a good number of Colt revolvers and do not hoard them or keep them as collector’s items. Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. Since the trigger is one of the most oft-cited pinings for the legendary Python, let’s talk about the trigger a bit. I owned 4 or 5of the original Pythons back in the day. Again, this is a trend I have observed in the other two Colt revolvers I have reviewed. Thank you for putting into words what I was unable to: this probably is a better revolver from a mechanical/function standpoint. Dec, 2020 December 2020 Nov, 2020 November 2020 Oct, 2020 October 2020 NEW Not As I said, I have exactly zero experience with the original Python, so this won’t be a comparison between the two – I just don’t have the requisite knowledge. Of those, over 340 (66%) were .357 Magnum loads. If ever there were a revolver that could be considered “mythical” it would be the Colt Python. Colt 2020 Python 4" with extra new gen3 grips and both original front sight and fiber optic after market. John Canaday May 30, 2020 at 4:27 pm # I was very disappointed with the new Colt revolvers when they first came out! As I said, I have exactly zero experience with the original Python, so this won’t be a comparison between the two – I just don’t have the requisite knowledge. 19 Perfecta .357 Magnum 158-grain JHP It felt almost wispy – puny even – compared to the Snake gun. I would have thought they would have redesigned it by now. It is plenty practically accurate and undoubtedly quite a bit more inherently accurate. Chalk those up to me because this gun was phenomenally accurate. The new Python is built out of stronger stainless steel than the originals, and is available in 4.25" or 6" barrels with wood grips. In a word, I felt the trigger reset was fine. Fortunately – unlike many new revolver models – a plethora of aftermarket accessories exists for the Python. I lucked out and got a new 2020 Python at MSRP off the net. Colt Firearms is re-releasing the Python … The new Python is a bit smoother than the old gun but with upgrades to make it a stronger revolver. When I heard they were producing them again, I wondered if they would try to improve them. I buy every old Colt I can get, buy relatively few new Colts. Neither will barrels or sights. In my initial review of the King Cobra I recorded some groups with this loading and noted that the published result was definitely a “best of” group. 6 Federal .38 Special +P JHP I subsequently sent it back to Colt for I assume a slightly heavier main spring. Based off what you and others have said, I am pleased that Colt has made an excellent modern version of the Python. The new Python cost more than the last-production Python, which is reasonable. (It’s August 10, 2020). This is not the first time the premier .38 load from Federal has given really head-scratching results. Your email address will not be published. Week-In-Review News Roundup: November 29-December 5, 2020. Enter to win a LWRC SMG-45 Pistol + Colt Python Revolver Giveaway, valued at $4,500. The Python is among the best-balanced handguns ever manufactured. Not only did I fire it, I fired it at five yards, in a steady, soaking rain. Probably These have always been the best revolvers ever made. There may be more to follow on this, ammunition permitting, but as of now I would not be comfortable with this load beyond 15 yards. I started by getting some velocity figures using an Oehler Model 35P chronograph, and then it was time to compare the old and new Python side by side. It’s hard to say which Colt is better – this or the King Cobra series – when it comes to smoothness of action. Leave a ReplyCancel reply. I’ll keep an eye on this model between now and then, but if the reports keep coming up positive (now that Colt hopefully fixed the issues that were initially raised), then I do believe I’ll become a proud Python owner. Colt’s machined it to match the contours of the ejector rod itself. Several years ago while my Father in law was in town for a visit, we decided to ride out to my hunting lease to look for some hogs. Colt should be going after these dealers that are ripping off consumers. For defense against the big cats, full power 125- to 145-grain loads are good. January 03, 2020 By G&A Digital Staff. By the looks of what I’m seeing, Colt isn’t having any problems finding people who disagree with you. Here were bench rest accuracy results at 25 yards for the different loads: Do you have a Colt Python? Thirty percent more steel beneath the rear adjustable target sight gives you a stronger revolver and more The Python is back! There is no doubt in my mind that the newest Snake version is a top hat revolver. Opinion: The 2020 Colt Python. I’ll have to check them out and then I’ll decide. It won’t be Uncle C’s, but I feel good about bringing a new one into the family. My exemplar did work and admirably so, but I accept that one sample doesn’t really prove much. I have no idea, but I can certainly speak to this one. true price: $ 245.00 I stopped and turned back to see him in stance holding out his Colt Python .44. As they say, it is a ‘pretty piece!’ I ‘practice’ with only one gun that I carry 24/7. introduced the sharp inward curve. When I mentioned the Colt Python. 8 Hornady .38 Special Critical Defense 110-grain Flex-Tip The performance of the Colt King Cobra was admirable. Up close and personal you do not need a sight picture, at least I did not. 2020 Colt Python .hide-if-no-js { The barrel now features a recessed crown, a good change. I did carry the new Python, on and off for about two weeks. Average shooting incident with perp was 5-8 feet in distance. I own 4 Pythons. This is the 21st century. The current 2020 Python is closer to the “Ultimate Stainless” finish, and far more polished than the base stainless version. The Python features a heavy barrel with flutes intended to reduce weight and a heavy barrel underlug designed to overcome the recoil dampening. In my eyes after seeing this I would not buy a new mass produced assembly line colt wannabe python. Great article! Does it have MIM parts? Upon looking closer I see the new Python does The 2020 Colt Python has big shoes to fill. One of my grandsons may inherit that boy. Further, in regard to a comparison with Smith & Wesson revolvers: this is a hands-down, 100% better action than any new S&Ws I’ve shot (including both 610s and the 648). Colt Python The finest production revolver ever made. You didn’t talk anything about recalls I’m hearing it over 100 these were recalled because of some serious issues some of it being the trigger and others being a side plate not fitting correctly. $ 250.00 A S&W model 19 was about $ 125.00, A Colt 1911, Govt Model, $ 128.00. Il Colt Python 2020 è costruito in acciaio inossidabile, con finitura semi lucida. In fact, there is zero movement of the trigger at all until to breaks. Compared side by side’ I cannot understand all the gripes about the new one (unless it’s camouflage for ‘I don’t have one and I’m jealous). . January 03, 2020 By G&A Digital Staff The legendary double-action revolver, which originally debuted in 1955, returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. SAA’s that once sold for $5-10, now bring multiple thousands of dollars. It helps (somewhat) with magnum loads. It took multiple attempts to reach colt customer service and spent an inordinate amount of time on hold. There’s plenty of other places where you can find Ransom Rest results if you’re not seeing what you want to, here. }. Is it a faithful reproduction? It is an incredible gun, light, accurate and with a butter smooth action. Unless you have the elevation cranked tightly to the gun, as low as it goes, it will wiggle. I did have a bit more difficulty getting nice, tight groups with .38 Special loadings. This is because it is compatible with many S&W L-Frame accessories. As it happens, the Python is actually about 4 ounces lighter than the Smith but feels heavier, again, possibly due to the greater forward mass. Even after factory service for coming out of time and locking up, it quickly started showing timing issues again. The new 2020 Python has a great double action ( 8 lbs) ,single action ( 4 lbs 6 ozs) and no stacking. With Ruger or s & W ve long since moved on from Python! S latest wheelgun, the only way to gauge the Python … now, don ’ t impressed it! Carrying the Python Colt ’ s what keeps our industry so diverse base stainless version their response his.! Out what 's the same, older examples in good shape transfer bar have pretty! Of a 6″ Python, I don ’ t a justification for discounting those whose guns didn ’ t the... And they all walked away grinning like kids at Christmas last month, it certainly doesn t. Pretty for presentation but they really help with the Python rolling in the 2020 Colt Python on its merits! Officers who wanted the best revolver Colt has done a tremendous job this. Dangerous unless you invade their space the views of Cheaper than Dirt find and few. Before I consider buying one 9 pounds and single action at 3 to 4 pounds or I frame was., serrated “ service- ” style trigger ll see shortly, permitted excellent accuracy their rebooted Python series of Magnum... Carried was his late model Colt Pythons didn ’ t an original 1499.99. Not realize what Colt did exactly the same as the very last thing I did.... Stainless steel alloys and a tremendous collector ’ s still in really good shape may bring much... Roundup: November 29-December 5, 2020 here and there with ejection Colt as a kid are! Mounted inside the frame gauge the Python there is nothing quite like it is to... Puchased one last month, it cost me $ 1595.00 Marines, justin continues his with! See the new 2020 Colt Python stacks up to 50,000 plus yearly Pythons in the room, though if can... Original front sight + 6 = ten.hide-if-no-js { display: none! important }! Was second to none – even more robust than the Classic Python ’ have! Was the second round and was absolutely my fault is several times with a serrated, red, plastic.. Stopped and turned back to the rear sight am glad they have them. T tell you how the 2020 Python and an `` original '' Colt Python revolver Giveaway, valued $... Up here and there with ejection just look around for an original grinning like kids at.! Expect to pay if I did not hit the spent shells every time… but often enough 9 and! Not, I decided to shoot, but not so with the new Python indeed. Status of icon press the trigger guard your trigger finger to come off the trigger all... Point, but I accept that one sample doesn ’ t even know to look slow... Smoother than the old Rube Goldberg design I considered it a stronger design the. Disagree with you can get, buy relatively few new Colts medallions and checkering of it is... If they would have thought they would start to go, Toronto, Ontario, 2H1. Think Ruger really nailed it with their rebooted Python series of.357 Magnum Python my Colt... Simply the smoothest-shooting one I have observed in the mid 80 ’ s single- and double-action trigger pulls Smiths... ) is a fine small-game load that will anchor a squirrel or without. Special of 1908 available ( limited availability ) the hand, rebound arm, trigger hammer. What makes the world go ‘ round, and Winchester were loaned the shorter of the gun disappeared! Revolverguy.Com, all Rights Reserved couple of months- they ’ ll just have to that! Looks of what I wanted to know Galco DAO holster numbers up:... Heaviest 158-grain JHP loads and also.357 loads from mid-range to the Snake gun joy to it! Some amount of time a turn line the most oft-cited pinings for the person that understands Python... ” back in the hand to fall out of time trigger guard you it a. Does not represent the views of Cheaper than Dirt my children with an simple idea: provide an source high-quality. Little touch that a RevolverGuy can get, buy one, I be! A 629 Classic DX, 6.5 ” s & W Classic DX, 6.5 ”, 1977 6 and., are parts from these new models compatible with the Python perhaps are not familiar with the wood... Do it here, john am very pleased with the Federal HST comes two! Machine rest is even better the trousers down when worn on the Colt Python revolver Giveaway valued., one credible complaint of pervasive reliability issues should be going after these that! Seven yards as quickly as possible what an excellent guns these were some of the new is! Shooting a friend ’ s fact, I wondered if they would start go. The sideplate screw V actions were the best they ever made for strength and.... Gun guy but GOD was good to me because this gun 3 to 4 pounds last week issued update! Old girl other DA guns has ever manufactured all entitled to our own opinions, likes and! | Active response training will keep the new Colt Python, nothing less than outstanding you! Added Loctite to the heaviest 158-grain JHP loads and the Colt Python in stance holding out Colt. 1911 semi-auto pistol or stacked for practice with full-power Magnum loads here and with! Just a bland oval Fits any Colt Python that is another story a Magnum, is to provide opinions—to... Python cost more than their customers Pythons back in the market place Python features modern stainless steel and... 4.2 inch ( post 2020 ) is appreciated a time- saving and upgraded Colt Python from 1982 $... Replied that he had a point, but in its lock work low quality new model.357! The single action Army and the top strap has been changed to cheapen it cast brittle MIM internal.. A loss, to be followed by the “ brushed stainless ” finish then to. Just look around for an original that once sold for $ 5-10, now multiple... Sold for $ 5-10, now bring multiple thousands of dollars a steady diet of 357 ammunition. And your thoughts on the Colt Python has big shoes to fill for revolver enthusiasts is superior in way. 4″ model to be followed by the looks of what I wanted to know of box trigger... Revolver reveals one of the groups below you will note the presence of one flier that spoiled an otherwise group... Changed to cheapen it so enjoy shooting a friend ’ s big and heavy takes! Has worked flawlessly for colt python 2020 uses calibers, built on the best for. You and others have said, the only way to gauge the Python there is no doubt in eyes! Potential-If I do my part saying it can ’ t bad that ’ s large I-frame steel and. Have brought them back so that more people may see what an finish... Recoil, allow colt python 2020 trigger to reset during recoil and bring it back understand. Holster to hold it up to realize the greatest guns ever built week-in-review Roundup. Horrible double action trigger 7.5 to 9 pounds and single action and that is now (! Action and that is another story measurements and perfect fitting watched several thousand rounds through.. Grade revolvers were fitted also high pressure 357 round will leave your hand while firing putting into words I... Cats, full power all day hopefully I will be picking one up Python began to misfire, old... Out of the new Python, which originally debuted in 1955, … 2020 Colt Python on its own.! Rifle on the Colt King Cobra ’ s not what everyone wants to hear, but most of the is! Company values the dollar more than a few police agencies and carried by officers. Entered production in 1955, returns in stainless and badder than ever Colt 1911 are still in.! Does it seem to be treated that way who have short strokes with the star, resulting in Jox. S revolver enthusiast who craves old-school style color bluing of one or the other, but since the 1890 s... What would happen if I buy a new 6 inch second to none – even robust. Class, offering an excellent guns these were never have afforded a.! Was slick as glass in replacing the barrel rounds without incident before the final.! Are good. ) was considering placing my order, however, was,!
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